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Students Using Chromebooks

September 21, 2016

chromebooksSo my students have had their Chromebooks for about a week and a half. About 6 of them have left their Chromebooks in my room. Once they finally realize that they’re missing, how do they get them back? Well, for one, I don’t let them sit around the room. As soon as another student finds them, I put them in a nook underneath my desk. And then I wait. Generally by the end of the day they realized they’ve misplaced this precious technology.

Our school participates in PBIS (Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports). We have a school-wide currency called Discovery Dollars. Students receive Discovery Dollars when they are caught being good. So as we are about 3 weeks into the school year, hopefully they should be accumulating these Discovery Dollars, which can be used for various items throughout the school with their various teachers.

When students realize they have left items (including Chromebooks) in my room, they have to ask me for them. I generally ask them, “How much is it worth to you, dear?” [insert big cheezy grin here]. They usually stammer and think out loud, “You mean in Discovery Dollars?” Um, yes. The first time they leave their Chromebooks in my room, I will give it back to them for free. On one condition: That if they leave it in my room again, they will need to “pay a ransom” in Discovery Dollars to get it back. They humbly agree.

This seems to be working for me. It is something you may want to consider if your students have or are about to get Chromebooks or some other kind of precious technology. Keep in mind I work with 8th graders, so if you have younger students, you may want to modify some of these ideas. This has worked for me ever since I started implementing it a couple of years ago.