Year in Review 2016-17


May 31, 2017

So I’ve seen some “it’s the last week of school” posts from my teacher friends in other parts of the country in the last few days. While I envy them for being on break already, I know they go back earlier than us, so I guess it all balances out. Here in Michigan, we still have about 3ish weeks of school left, but because of an 8th grade trip to Washington, D.C., that leaves next Wednesday, I’ve had to give my Final Exams a bit earlier than in previous years.

While my kids are starting final preps for Final Exams, I thought I’d take the time to check in and let you guys know what has been going on here lately and recap this year, which I already sort of did in a previous post.

So here’s the plan for the last few weeks. My kids (both my 1s and 2s) take their Finals next week Tuesday and Wednesday. After that my classes will probably be smaller as a large percentage of our school’s 8th grade class is going on this trip. I haven’t told them yet, but all we’re basically doing is watching movies in Spanish.

The first movie we’ll watch is Finding Nemo. I’ll put the Spanish language track on with the Spanish subtitles, and then have them watch it, completing this sheet as they go. One of the things my students have picked up on in previous years is that the Spanish language track and the Spanish subtitles don’t always match up. Additionally, they start to pick up on the slang that Crush uses with his surfer talk. When I get the sheets back, I notice them making notes in the margin like “compa=dude”. I’ve also found some really talented artists in my classes. Check it out below!

The end of the sheet asks them to describe their favorite part. In Spanish, of course!

The second movie we’ll be watching is Beverly Hills Chihuahua. This time we watch the movie in English. Because the majority of the movie takes place in Mexico, I have the students take notes on a lined piece of paper. I tell them to divide their paper into two columns: One for new Spanish words they learn, and another for new culture points they learn.

I think the twist on it this year will be that I will tell students that how well they pay attention will determine whether or not I collect it at the end. This forces students to pay attention, do the worksheet, take the notes, and then if they don’t pay complete attention, I make it for points at the end and collect it.

So overall, I think this year went well. As I mentioned in my previous post, there were definitely some bumps in the road and it was a learning experience for all. In planning for next year, I’m going to attempt doing Comprehensible Input (CI). I think this will help my students be more confident conversationalists overall, and encourage more of an immersion culture. I feel that this will also help their listening and reading comprehension skills as well.

Those of you who are following this blog may be recruited for some help. If you have experience in TPRS (Total Physical Response Storytelling) or CI, I may be wanting to pick your brain about things. Things like how to do a Movie Talk, whether or not to read a story like Pobre Ana, or something similar. I know I’ll definitely have to figure out how to do assessments that support CI/TPRS. I got a lot of good ideas at a local conference, CI in the Mitten (see my post here about it), and got some amazing ideas from the presenters there. I also currently follow Martina Bex and Maris Hawkins.

So this is my starting point. I can’t promise another post before the school year is over, but just in case, I leave you with these wise words of wisdom:

“Learning from our mistakes and holding on to our memories help us become deeper individuals with a better sense of who we are and how we choose to live our lives.” –Ron Clark


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