My Favorite Tech Tools

For those of you who are just getting–or already have–Chromebooks, I wanted to share some of my favorite tech tools that I regularly use in class, as well as some tools that I just started using this year.

kahootKahoot This is a great tool that I use for reviews before tests. I haven’t played around with all the new features that they’ve added recently, but my students generally beg me to play. This morning, after we were done with their first Kahoot reviewing for their test tomorrow, some students asked me if we could play again. Yes. It’s just that good.


Nearpod This is a tool that I just started using this year after hearing about a colleague using it. It has options to either teach a live lesson or allow students to go through it on their own pace. I have onlnearpody used the live lesson function, but what it does is it broadcasts the presentation that I want to their individual devices (in my guys’ case, their Chromebooks, but it could also be used on an iPad, I imagine) so that they have easy sight to what they should be taking notes. I tend to use it to introduce new grammar points with both levels 1 and 2. One of my students said that they pay attention more when they use Nearpod in class.

memriseMemrise This website/app is based on brain research that converts information to short term memory, and then eventually to long-term memory. It gamifies the material, similar to Kahoot, and there is a class leaderboard, which ups the competition factor among students.

This is in addition to Google Platform for Education. See my previous post here about the different applications and uses.


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