Grammar Review Flip Book

September 22, 2016


One of my first mini-projects with my Spanish 2s are Grammar Review Flipbooks. I got the idea off of Pinterest. The example shown is for English, but you could modify it any way you like for your students. I turned the directions from the pin into a Google Doc and projected the pictures included so the students could have a step-by-step visual of what they had to do to create their own flip book. The process takes about 10 minutes. Most of them understood what it was they wanted to do, but I also had my own example to show them how it should turn out. This proved very helpful for the students.

I gave them each 3 sheets of computer paper (but you can use construction paper like you see in the picture; whatever you think will work best for your students). Once they had done all the appropriate folds and had assembled their books, I passed staplers around and showed them how to staple them 3 across at the top to keep all tabs together.

I wrote on the board the order that I wanted them to label their tabs. For my Spanish 2s, I chose the following topics, but you can modify this to fit your curriculum: Sentence Structure, Adjectives, Nouns/Articles, -AR Verbs, -ER/-IR Verbs, Pronouns.

We started discussing the various topics yesterday. As we discussed them and reviewed them, I had the students take notes on a separate sheet of paper, and then once we had concluded our review of that topic, I gave them some time to write it into their flip books. This is the process that we are continuing today. Yesterday, after making the books, we discussed sentence structure, adjectives, and nouns/articles. Today we will begin discussing pronouns and how to conjugate verbs.

I expect this process will take about 4 days, from the making of the grammar books to discussing all the topics. I’m spending 2 days on verbs/conjugating/pronouns since I feel that is their greatest weakness at this point. You can modify the pacing to fit the needs of your students, but this gives you a general idea as to the time frame.

As I explained to the students, my hope is that not only the process of making these books is helpful, but that they can continue to use them once we begin studying new material and use them as a resource throughout the year. It seems to be helpful to them so far, but we will see.


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