New School Year, New Technology

September 16, 2016

My students just got their Chromebooks yesterday. It looks like most of them have chosen to get a district-issued Chromebook, so today during Homeroom, I decided to have them bookmark and get set up a few key websites that we will be using in class. The main ones that I wanted them to bookmark were my Spanish 2 Class Website, the textbook website, and Google Classroom. These are the tools that I expect that they will be using on a daily basis. As the year progresses, I will add to these resources. Some digital tools that I really like and the students have found useful are: Memrise, Conjuguemos, Study Spanish, Quizlet, my YouTube channel, and a colleague’s Only2Clicks website.

New digital tools that I hope to add tomy use this year are Nearpod and Newsela. I was inspired by Matt Miller of Ditch That Textbook to really use all the useful tools that Google Platform for Education provides and make the content that I teach real-world applicable–past the point of just “speaking another language is applicable all on its own”.

Theoretically, this should go well, but we all know that when new technology is introduced for the first time (at least in the 8th grade teachers’ case; these students have been using Chromebooks for the last 2 years), there will be some hiccups and bumps in the road. My journey has officially begun. Hopefully things will go as smoothly as possible the rest of year.


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